DizziPay offers cutting edge benefits to banks

The most secured transaction in the world –

for the first time ever, the bank will be informed in advance by the customer that a transaction is going to be made, reducing any need for statistical transactional verification.


DizziPay puts forward numerous reasons for the banks to benefit in the best possible ways

Dramatic reduction in security software expenses.
Innovation – being a cutting edge technology bank.
Significantly minimizing credit card fraud and identity theft.
Dramatic reduction in customer support team's manpower.

How DizziPay benefits

  • Increased Volume and Income With DizziPay- non- cardholders become your customers.
  • Increased Reputation and Trust- Improve trust and credibility with customers.
  • Enable Equal Opportunity- Connecting non card holder to the payment cycle.
  • Reducing Security & Risk Management- Costs Reducing F2F and ECOM fraud.
  • Technology and Innovation- Eliminating competitive risk.
Explore the newest & safest revenue streams available to make your presence in the market with no access of credit cards.

...and that is not all

Significantly minimizing credit card fraud and identity theft
Reducing dependency on the acquirer statistical fraud test
Dramatic reduction in manufacturing, distibuting and managing plastic cards.
Reducing AML - fighting money-laundering - less cash.
Eco-friendly solution. Today, all existing plastic credit cards can surround the planet 3 times.
Two authentication factors + DizziPay solution
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