The Reality of Fraud in Luxury Fashion and Beauty Ecommerce!

fraud in luxury fashion and beauty ecommerce!

The Reality of Fraud in Luxury Fashion and Beauty Ecommerce!

When it comes to fashion and beauty ecommerce, particularly those selling luxury items are often targeted by fraudsters. Obviously, merchants make every effort to avoid accepting fraudulent transactions and incurring the related chargeback. Unfortunately, due to eCommerce fraud, this leads to risk-averse policies that result in keeping away good customers along with fraudsters. We have …

National Consumer Protection Week 2019 - DizziPay

National Consumer Protection Week 2019: Let’s Start Taking Internet Security Seriously

This week is National Consumer Protection Week (3-9 March) 2019. It is time to help people understand their consumer rights as well as make well-informed decisions about money. Fraud is a major problem all around the world. It can affect anyone, and it may also be perpetrated by any person, whether it’s a stranger or …

Corporate Fraud Prevention Strategy - DizziPay

Secrets to Success for an Effective Corporate Fraud Prevention Strategy

Studies conducted over the years have estimated that companies lose around six percent of their annual revenue to fraud. It is alarming and that is why a comprehensive fraud prevention strategy is essential. Does your company have a strategy to fight against fraud? Well, it’s not enough just to detect and investigate frauds; the need …

Online games Easy Targets for fraud or chargebacks

Online Games: Easy Targets For Fraud & Chargebacks!

Online games are under attack by cybercriminals because of the nature of the payment systems within these games that give effortless opportunities for a number of fraudulent practices like account takeovers, card testing, friendly fraud, and true fraud that can result in a crippling number of chargeback claims. Credit card chargeback and Friendly Fraud! Friendly …

A Checklist for Financial Institutions to Avoid Cyber Attacks!

A Checklist for Financial Institutions to Avoid Cyber Attacks!

For a cyber attacker, just about everything and anything out there is a target. Whether for the theft of confidential information, such as PIN numbers and passwords, or having adequate data about somebody to launch a covert identity theft attack, their final goal is to get money. In this regard, one of the most vulnerable …

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