How A Simulated Cyber Attack Can Help You Prepare
Cyber Attack

How A Simulated Cyber Attack Can Help You Prepare?

Concerns about the rising cyber-security threats are global. Modern cyber-criminals are persistent and almost every business is dealing with security threats, especially when online transactions are involved. In order to achieve their goals, hackers will attempt to exploit any and all vulnerabilities.

Of course, you can report a fraud, but being secure is always a smarter choice.

Red team operation, also known as simulated cyber-security-attack that is customized to test an organization’s ability to detect and respond to cyber-crime incidents.

It involved almost every possible method or technique that may be used by the professional hackers and can highlight critical exposures within IT infrastructure as well as recommend remedial actions to address any identified weaknesses.

Here is how stimulated cyber-attack can be helpful in dealing with real-life threats:

Identify the effectiveness of your infrastructure

The prime goal of the stimulated cyber-crime activity is to test the ability of your system to act against the security breach. The stimulated cyber-attack or red team operation is the ultimate test of your cyber security/It puts your security systems to the test and the first thing it helps you with is to check whether the preventative security controls you have in place are effective or not. If working appropriately, these systems take proactive steps against the security breach.

Identify your security system’s ability to detect breach

Gone are the days when the hackers would call you to ask your ATM or credit card PIN number to steal your money. They are more sophisticated now and hence the cyber-crime incidents are increasing every day. They are capable of using various methods, tools and techniques which makes them increasingly harder to detect. Thus, it is important for businesses to be practice and use the most suitable and reliable security systems to detect the breach and red team works in the same direction to assess whether your existing controls are able to detect the latest attacks techniques.

Identify your security system’s response

We know we can’t predict the future, but it’s always possible when we are talking about the cyber-crime or cyber-security. The ability of your security systems to detect threats in advance is absolutely essential in order to stay secure from the hackers who are always learning something new and using latest techniques to breach into your system. It also helps how fast your business can respond to threats so you can be stress free about the unwanted situations. Swift incident response is essential to avoid damage and operational disruption.

Being aware about the effectiveness of your security system is always the secure way to prevent the damage and stimulated cyber-attack may be your partner to take preventive steps in advance.

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