How Is The Worldwide Financial Industry Fighting Back Against Fraud?

How Is The Global Financial Industry Fighting Back Against Fraud

How Is The Worldwide Financial Industry Fighting Back Against Fraud?

Online fraud is increasingly becoming a common threat among the global population and financial institutes. Following this, the global businesses as well as banks, are looking for the best eCommerce fraud prevention techniques and solutions to face the threat. Whether online fraud comes from internal or external, its consequence may be catastrophic. Sometimes, these frauds …

fraud in luxury fashion and beauty ecommerce!

The Reality of Fraud in Luxury Fashion and Beauty Ecommerce!

When it comes to fashion and beauty ecommerce, particularly those selling luxury items are often targeted by fraudsters. Obviously, merchants make every effort to avoid accepting fraudulent transactions and incurring the related chargeback. Unfortunately, due to eCommerce fraud, this leads to risk-averse policies that result in keeping away good customers along with fraudsters. We have …

How Technology Can Help Banks Gain Trust of Their Customers

How Technology Can Help Banks Gain Trust of Their Customers?

According to a survey by public relations firm Edelman, customers trust the technology far more than they trust banks or other financial services. Trust ranks last in the financial industry even after the media industry. Less than half of the people trust banks. Now the question is how technology can help to improve the situation …

E-commerce Fraud Prevention Techniques

Shield Your Business with eCommerce Fraud Prevention Techniques!

For any ecommerce business, accepting all types of major credit cards and electronic checks is a necessary method of customer payment. Having said that, when business owners decide to accept electronic payments, they must also make an allowance for the probable cost of fraud. Various studies conducted over the years have shown both online and …

Ecommerce fraud prevention best practices

Follow Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Best Practices and Make Your Business Safer!

The day business moved online, the fraudsters moved with it too. As long as there is business being done, there will be people attempting to steal from all constituents, merchants, consumers and supporting specialist organizations. The issue is, with regards to ecommerce fraud is that there are not many individuals on the planet that really …

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