5 Warning Signs Your Identity May Have Been Stolen

Top Warning Signs Your Identity May Have Been Stolen

5 Warning Signs Your Identity May Have Been Stolen

No matter how hard you try or how complex is the password of your Internet Banking, there are always chances of your identity being stolen. It’s not just because of your regular shopping habits, but people who never purchased online may also become victims of identity theft incidents. This is what makes consumer awareness a …

fraud in luxury fashion and beauty ecommerce!

The Reality of Fraud in Luxury Fashion and Beauty Ecommerce!

When it comes to fashion and beauty ecommerce, particularly those selling luxury items are often targeted by fraudsters. Obviously, merchants make every effort to avoid accepting fraudulent transactions and incurring the related chargeback. Unfortunately, due to eCommerce fraud, this leads to risk-averse policies that result in keeping away good customers along with fraudsters. We have …

Corporate Fraud Prevention Strategy - DizziPay

Secrets to Success for an Effective Corporate Fraud Prevention Strategy

Studies conducted over the years have estimated that companies lose around six percent of their annual revenue to fraud. It is alarming and that is why a comprehensive fraud prevention strategy is essential. Does your company have a strategy to fight against fraud? Well, it’s not enough just to detect and investigate frauds; the need …

the future of digital payments DizziPay

A Peek Into The Future of Digital Payments 2020

Currency exchange in the digital sector has been revolutionaries over the past few years. Now people have countless secured digital payment methods at their disposal. Transaction among various sectors has a significant increase in the past year. Today, I will help you take a look at a potential future of digital payments and its trends. …

Top Identity Theft Protection

Make Carefree Purchases Using Top Identity Theft Protection

It is very regrettable that all of us now live in a time where it has become imperative to pay to protect our identity.  However, we are fortunate that there some companies that have come up with technologies that work as the best identity theft protection services.  A top identity theft protection solution offers several …

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