How to Enhance Cyber Security with Blockchain?

How to Enhance Cyber Security with Blockchain

How to Enhance Cyber Security with Blockchain?

Blockchain technology was launched with the sole aim to reduce the risk of cyber frauds and to provide the internet users a secure way for funds transfer. Now, this technology has seeped into every sphere of our lives from healthcare to banking and eCommerce to investments and beyond. With the growing use of blockchain, the …

Peer to Peer Mobile Payments

How Peer to Peer Mobile Payments Are Revolutionising Consumer Experience?

Mobile payments are everywhere. Whether you buy online, book a taxi, visit a restaurant, or even lend money to someone, online payment make things easier. Just tap on your mobile screen and you can transfer the money to anyone. This is what we know as peer-to-peer payments or digital payments. Until a few years ago, …


Real-Time FinTech Payments USA 2019: Expect A Seamless Digital Experience and Technology!

FinTech is a big thing in the global payment’s ecosystem today. Following the next level of security and convenience, the real-time FinTech payment has already been implemented in more than 20 countries. The good part here is that real-time digital payment is being adorned by customers everywhere too. The United States of America has been …

Mobile Payment Trends 2019 - DizziPay

FinTech 2019 – Mobile Payment Trends That Matters!

Fintech is transforming the financial services industry and will continue to do so as the industry makes the shift to promoting innovation. Fintech products improve the ease with which people can make cross border remittances, automate regulatory functions, increase the number of data points used to make loan decisions and more. As far as Fintech …

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