Things to Consider During Online Payment Processing DizziPay

Things to Consider During Online Payment Processing

According to figures available, over 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2017 and online retail payments have grown 4 times from 2013-2017. This shows that online shopping and payment are quite popular, but increasing popularity also raises concerns about credit card protection as credit card fraud incidents are also growing.

As a retailer, you’d want to ensure offering peace of mind to your target audiences when they make payments through your platform.

So, if you want to get a complete solution to your query “What are the Best Ways to Prevent Credit Card Frauds?” Here is the rundown of things to look for when choosing a payment gateway.

Retain a PCI QSA First

Before implementing credit and debit card payment method on your website, it is essential to be PCI Compliant. The key part here is to choose a PCI Qualified Service Assessor (QSA) to evaluate and investigate the security status.

Mobile Integration

It is essential to ensure that the mobile payment gateway is mobile-friendly, which means the payment process should be feasible for the mobile users and compact in length so they can easily go through the steps and complete the payment securely and easily. Make sure to test before making the final choice as you would want to be sure about the complete comfort and safety against Credit Card Fraud.

Payment Security

Believe it or not, but online fraud incidents are growing rapidly, and millions of people are searching for terms like “report a fraud,” “how to avoid credit card fraud” etc. To ensure complete safety of your online payments and the crucial business data, make sure choosing a payment gateway that is made to fight against the credit card fraud techniques. DizziPay, for example, is the safer and risk-proof payment processing system that is based on the no-card payment method where shoppers use their virtual cards that get eliminated after a particular usage.

Quick & Easy Checkout

Over 60% of online shoppers drop products in cart at the checkout process. The prime reason here is the complex and long checkout methods. To eliminate the stress, make sure choosing the payment processing system that allows the online buyers to complete payments in just a single step.

Customer Support

This is very essential to choose a payment processing partner that offers customer support as you may need technical support during tough times. Many leading payment processing service providers have 24×7 customer support to help businesses deal with the difficulties faced during payment processing. Before making the choice, make sure to check whether the provider offers live technical support.

Integrating payment processing feature on the e-commerce platform is a crucial decision and must be made smartly with all the required essential points in mind to ensure complete safety and peace of mind to the online buyers. All you need is to do proper research and make the right decision based on the above-mentioned tips from the best options available to start accepting payments with credit card protection guarantee and safety from the credit card fraud incidents.

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