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Best Remedies for Securing Online Mobile Transactions

We use smartphones for everything these days, ranging from calling, texting, dating, searching online, exploring new places, and of course, making purchases. The mobile technology allows us to easily search for products and make payments with a single tap of a finger. We can store payment information — a credit card or debit card number to make future payments easier and faster.

But the prime concern that most mobile users are facing these days is – are mobile transactions safe? If not, how to secure online transactions? Users are worried about losing their card or bank account details when making online payments. This is why securing online mobile transactions is more important than ever before.

While the global developers are working on improving the safety of their mobile apps and the leading platforms like Google are playing their role in providing a secure online transaction environment, it is good to take the precautions when making payments online. This is why it is suggested to follow a few security tips that might be helpful for your life just for insurance that your bank and card details are secure when you buy on a versatile stage.

Download mobile apps through credible sources

  • There are millions of apps available on the Play Store. There is a bunch of apps that are replicas of the original apps, so make sure to be aware of the fake apps.
  • Always trust and download via App stores as downloading applications from different territories is a dangerous choice.
  • When using local mobile applications, you are restricted to their backend UI. It’s more secure than getting to sites by means of Mobile Safari.
  • For example, The Cydia App Store doesn’t have a similar validity as Apple or Google.

So, when you are planning to buy products or make payments to someone using your mobile device, make sure to look at the App Store first and check whether you can find a local application. The mobile apps available with App stores are more secure and less surrey than versatile sites.

Strong mobile password securing mobile devices

We all use mobile passwords to protect from friends or unknown people to enter the private area of our mobile devices. It also saves us from the thieves who can quickly and easily get into your phone and access your financial information you have stored. This makes it important to use a secure and better password to protect your phone and the information stored on it. This doesn’t mean you can just use “1234” or “Password” as your password. It must be a stronger one – a bundle of alphanumeric, capital, and special characters.

You can’t afford to ignore the security features that are available with the latest phones such as facial recognition, iris scan, and fingerprint unlock. It makes the device more secure than a password or PIN.

Remember that mishaps do occur, and you can lose your mobile easily. So, it is smart to keep your device secured and protect the personal and financial information available inside it.

Don’t send sensitive information through public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is fun, and we all love to enjoy the speed it offers. When using a free Wi-Fi or public internet, it is suggested to be aware of the information that you are sharing with others. When using free Wi-Fi, it is suggested to never provide your sensitive details on mobile as it is vulnerable and very easy to steal. At whatever point you are buying things or moving cash on the Web, make sure to use a protected association as it is going to be shared with the unreliable sources, putting your financial security at a stake.

May be gambling your social media logins is significantly more reasonable. After all, if someone hacks into your social media profile, you won’t hazard the loss of your accounts and resources!

Monitor your account quite often

It is quite common among the credit card holders that they check the card transaction details at the end of the month when they receive the bill. It is smart to make it a habit to keep checking the credit card account details after every two weeks or three so you can raise an alert against unauthorized transactions if any.

If you suspect that your card details have been compromised, you have the option to apply for a new card account number and completely avoid any additional fraudulent charges. It is also helpful to check your account details quite often as you can immediately contact the bank in case of any fraudulent activity and keep your hard-earned money protected.

HTTPS Platforms for Secure Mobile Browsers

There are going to be instances when you have to make the purchase using the websites as their mobile apps may be not available or maybe you don’t have enough time to download a mobile app. Using portable shopping is the best approach with a mobile-friendly website. So, when you have to stick to the website to complete the transaction, it is suggested to go with the protected HTTPS association. The HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is the technology, which ensures that any information goes between your gadget and the server is completely secured as it is just common between those two machines.

Doing transactions through websites that are not HTTPS-protected can land you in a great deal of trouble as your details are shared through the unprotected server. Before doing a transaction, double click on that lock symbol to be double sure about the safety of your financial details.


We are living in a highly advanced and complex world where doing online transactions may seem a quick task, but it’s not always secure. You have to be double sure before making the transactions online as you can’t compromise with your financial details. As mentioned above, there are many reliable mobile apps available on the App Stores that you can use to make the transactions in a secured manner.

Enjoy secure online transactions with a bit of awareness!

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