DizziPay is the world’s first solution that allows consumers to pay securely with card, without owning a card.
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The Unique Solution
DizziPay has developed a unique, totally secure digital payments technology for consumers, Banks, issuers, sub-issuers which supports mobile and online transactions.
DizziPay is compatible with all existing merchant systems, without any changes necessary on the merchant side and/or the acquirer.
Leading-edge payment technology
Totally secured Digital payments
Everything without a plastic Card
Consumers can
  • Shop anywhere, face-to-face through NFC or online
  • Be confident they are protected from fraud even if a merchant is hacked
  • Avoid credit checks and contracts, simply by connecting through their mobile
  • Use it whether or not they have a payment card
Merchants can
  • Be confident there will be no fraud chargeback
  • Have peace of mind that hacks will not lead to data loss
  • Tap into an existing customer base of people unable to shop online until now
  • Accept DizziPay without needing new hardware or software changes.
Card Issuers can
  • Get access to a client base that wants to use cards, but does not have easy access to them
  • Be protected from fraud, either face-to-face or e-commerce
  • Avoid exposure to credit loss
  • Reduce the cost of risk management
Why Prefer Us
DizziPay is the answer in terms of outperforming existing products for functionality, compatibility, versatility and security
Significantly minimizing credit card fraud and identity theft.
Reducing dependency on the acquirer statistical fraud test.
Dramatic reduction in manufacturing, distibuting and managing plastic cards.
37% Cardholders stopped purchases due to cyber security fears.
Predicted $25 Billion loss in chargeback fraud by 2020.
37% Cardholders stopped purchases due to cyber security fears.
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