E-Commerce UseCase
Risk of Online Fraud and Identity theft when buying online.
DizziPay brings a solution to deal with all kinds of financial frauds to make online shopping an easier and stress-free experience. For every transaction, a virtual card is created for one-time use.

For safe and secure transactions, users need to install DizziPay extension that is compatible with the following browsers:
Steps to Follow
  • The user downloads extension on Google Chrome or Safari Browser
  • Sign-in using Bank log-in details is mandatory for user authentication
  • Once process is completed, user proceeds to make a transaction on e-commerce platform
  • At the checkout process, DizziPay payment option will be available along with other payment options on the e-commerce website
  • When choosing to pay with DizziPay, details of a one-time virtual card will be created by the bank and will be auto-filled
  • User proceeds to make payment & checkout
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